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Out to the slopes… teaching for a living

TERRANCE GAVAN – SKI GUY, BLOGGER, IDIOT SAVANT When the water hits the fan? Snow is made. I remember all the nights at Panorama Mountain Village in October, in BC, in fall cum winter where heat from the hot pools spun steam into the air. We might be sitting in the bar. And chatting, or watching Rick Mercer on the …

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Working – Not working for us – a treatise on: the job

BY TERRANCE GAVAN – PARDON THE ERUPTION EDITOR hen is working not working? When you walk into work with a smile and walk out again with a smile. That’s a pretty simple formula. It’s de rigueur for most people on the planet. If you like what you do? It ain’t work. The problem is we endure a lot of pain …

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Haliburton-Kawartha-Brock gets a backseat driver for the next four years

Scott Wins HKP with 40 percent of the vote down 5 percent from 2011 TERRANCE GAVAN – POLITICS Laurie Scott once again topped the polls in Haliburton Kawartha brock riding and in spite of garnering only 40 percent of the vote she will again represent the rural riding for the next four years. We can say next four years because …

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The Globe and Mail Editorial Board unanimously agreed to endorse a minority Liberal government for the Ontario provincial election but was overruled at deadline by Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley. Walmsley held the section up at noon last Friday for over two hours, costing the budget-strapped and job-slashing Globe tens of thousands of dollars as Editorial Board editor Tony Keller gnashed his teeth and squeezed out a forced endorsement for Tim Hudak’s Conservatives.

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Sharapova versus Bouchard and Halep at French Open – Gruntus reductus

Not long ago a nine-year-old Australian girl, Lauryn Edwards, was banned by her club near Melbourne for the noise she made while hitting the ball.“They told me I had to guarantee she won’t grunt,” her dad said. “What do they want me to do? Put Band-Aids over her mouth?”Lauryn’s favourite player was – surprise, surprise – Maria Sharapova, the player …

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Highlander Publisher Bram Lebo says “none of the above” is an answer in Ontario Election

Lebo advising voters on Russell Brand’s strange concoction concerning vote wasting TERRANCE GAVAN — ELECTION ONTARIO Lindsay – Can someone please take a gander into Highlander publisher Bram Lebo’s backyard just to see what he’s smoking. Let me know. I think we could get an article in the Lancet. “Wacky Publisher Discovers Hyperactive Hybrid Haliburton Weed.” By Dr. Horatio Natchez Mississippi Misanthrope. Or perhaps: …